For those still craving or wanting to try Agility

This Class starts during the Dry, April 29th, 2023

Kim is running free Agility on Thursdays at 4:15pm.  If interested, please email us as this has a limit of only 6 dogs.  This is not under Paws and Effect.  This is a fun class for those interested in working your dog.

Strengthen your bond and take your dog’s training to the next level!

What is Agility???

Agility dogs run an obstacle course of low jumps, tunnels and contact objects lead by their owner.
We believe that offering this fun sport will be encouraging better dog handling skills, a form of physical activity for both dog and handler and increased the awareness of the responsibility, pleasures and satisfaction of owning a dog.

Introduction to Agility- Sunset Park

These classes will  give a novice the basic handling skills required to work successfully with your dog in agility and heaps of fun while doing it.

This class covers:
• Flat ground work
• Stretching exercises for the dog athlete
• Introduction to jumps
• Introduction to contact obstacles
• Introduction to tunnels
• Introduction to course work

What to bring:
• A “bum bag” so your hands are free and treats/rewards are quickly available
• Really yummy treats for your dog and some water for you
• A leash and soft collar
• A sense of humour

After completing the “Introduction to Agility” classes, you are ready to move onto more advanced exercises such as “looking ahead for the next obstacle”. We will teach you and your dog the importance of forward movement.

All our classes consist of a short warm-up, stretching for the dog and control exercises. The control exercises will be jumps and contacts or weave poles.

In these classes you will learn:
◦ Movement consistent on both right and left sides
◦ Using the “Wait” before beginning
◦ Sending the dog over jumps
◦ Sending dog to table
◦ Control on dog walks 20/20
◦ Changing sides with movement

Heaps more fun with your dog