We are here to help you!

Often our pet dogs may experience issues that cannot be treated or managed within our group dog classes. This could be due to a range of issues and in these cases our qualified trainers will come to you. We offer personalised, one on one private training sessions at a suitable location, like the family home, social distancing is practiced.

  • Suitable for any dog of any age.
  • There is no issue too big or small that we wont help you with.
  • $140 per hour (non reactive dogs) $150 per hour (reactive/aggressive dogs) and includes a full written report for you to refer to

Here are some of the reasons our clients take up private consultations:

Separation Anxiety


  • Have your neighbours told you your dog is barking, howling or distressed when you are not home?
  • Is your dog over excited to see you when you get home?
  • Do you notice urination or defecation when you return home?
  • Does your dog escape the yard when you are not home?
  • Is your dog chewing items, digging holes or leaving signs of destruction?

These could all be signs of Separation Anxiety. This condition can be extremely distressing for dogs and their owners, however, we can help you!

Barking, Digging, Chasing


  • Is your dog running the fence line barking at every car and person that goes by?
  • Is your dog barking constantly day or night?
  • Is your garden full of holes?
  • Does your dog chase cars, bikes and runners?

If your dog is displaying one of these behaviours you are not alone! There are solutions to all of these issues and we can solve them for you.

Fear and Reactivity $150.00 per hour


  • Do thunderstorms scare your dog?
  • Do certain people or objects send your dog into a barking or scared state?
  • Is your dog friendly around other people and/or other dogs?
  • Does your dog growl, bite or lunge at people, dogs or objects?

These could be signs your dog is feeling fearful or aggressive, which does not mean you have a ‘bad dog’. It simply means your dog needs some tools to manage and fix the behaviour. We can assess the situation, advise and put the correct strategy in place for you.