Puppy Head Start

8-12 weeks old

The first few months of your puppy’s life are critical in setting a solid foundation for a happy, confident and well-adjusted adult dog.

This is the time when your puppy will begin to develop relationships with humans and ways to communicate between both humans and other dogs.

Remember, they come to you without knowing any rules and have to be taught the right things to chew, play with, where to toilet, how to meet other dogs and manners with people.

You are the teacher of these things. We will give you the tools to teach them.

Our Aim

Is to set a foundation for a happy well-adjusted adult dog with consistency, understanding, patience and persistence in a controlled and safe environment

What You Will Achieve

How to Puppy Proof your home
What is positive reinforcement and why it works
How to teach your dog bite inhibition
How to toilet train
How to prevent annoying puppy behaviours


This program is individually designed for your puppy and family in your home environment.


$120.00 for a one hour session.