In your Home


If you don’t have time to come to our Puppy Play School or K9 Kindy courses, we can make it easier by coming to your home to help with those annoying puppy behaviours and puppy proof you home with you

Setting the Foundation

From 6-18 weeks of age are critical for setting the foundation for a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.  This is the time your puppy develops relationships and a way to communicate with both dogs and humans.  

Since puppies do not know what is right or wrong, we need to teach them everything.  They need to be taught what they can chew, where to toilet, how to behave when guests come over and where to sleep.

Our Aim

Is to set a foundation for a happy well-adjusted adult dog with consistency, understanding, patience and persistence in a controlled and safe environment.

What You Will Achieve

pastedGraphic.png What is positive reinforcement and why it works

pastedGraphic.png How to teach your dog bite inhibition

pastedGraphic.png How to toilet train and puppy proof your house

pastedGraphic.png How to prevent annoying puppy behaviour

What Will Your Pup Learn 

pastedGraphic.png Calm behaviour

pastedGraphic.png Respond to its name with attention to you

pastedGraphic.png Sit on request

pastedGraphic.png Soft mouth – bite inhibition

The earlier you start the better the pup will learn.  It is better to teach them now what is right than have to retrain a bad behaviour. In this critical stage puppies need to be exposed to as many new experiences as possible so that they grow up with confidence.