We at Paws & Effect appreciate your feedback.


Many thanks for the sessions I did with you have really enjoyed them and learnt a lot.
I know what I have to do and the responsibility lies in my court you both do an amazing jobgreen-paw-print-hi
Thank you! Only a couple of months ago I couldn’t imagine taking Moose to the park with other dogs on my own. Yet today we went to the park with other dogs running around left right and centre and he was a complete angel. I can’t thank Kim and Elaine enough for their excellent knowledge and know how. You have changed my life and made walking my dogs a joy again

red-paw-print-hiKim and Elaine,

Thank you so much for all the information that you have put together as it is very much appeciated.

You ladies were fantastic on Saturday thank you once again for all your professional assistance.



This is the best dog ‘training’ I have experienced in 50 years of ‘obedience training’! Kim and Elaine are tuned in to the context here in Broome and offer a fabulous smorgasbord of skills for you and your pup to learn to understand, respect and enjoy each other’s company.  The classes are fun, relaxed and deal with things you and your dog need to know to be acceptable company anywhere.  I have had many tricky rescue dogs over the years and I have tried nearly every variety of training available in Australia.  All would have benefited from time spent at  Paws & Effect classes.

Virgina & Shar


“Thank you so much for your visit, we have been taking your advice and so far it’s going really well and like you said we are taking baby steps with the dogs and we’re really happy with their progress”



We really enjoyed the training. It was great to take Rafiki out to learn new things and then keep practising them at home. The improvement in him has been amazing and we are really pleased with how he’s been going. You and Kim were great instructors and showed a lot of patience with us all.


We have started yesterday with the strategies and it is working already. We’ll keep at it for a bit and then get back to you

Thanks again – the time with you was so helpful!


“Thank you ladies for a magnificent day today, my brain hurts and Missy has never been so tired! Great learning curve for this human who has been doing it wrong for so long!



Thank you Elaine and Kim.

This is wonderful.

Thank you so much for coming out so quickly and for all your help and advice with our two friends!

We are extremely grateful and have already seen a difference in Samui. You have no idea how valuable your help was yesterday – it has definitely made me a lot calmer about everything in such a highly stressful time in our lives.

Thanks again.

Emma & Kaine


I really enjoy spending the time and learning with her and you guys are awesome at what you do.

Alyssa and Delta July 2014