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For baby puppies 8-15 weeks old


Boy, can puppies play rough with each other!

To make sure your puppy has a lifetime of happy and safe interactions they need to learn to play appropriately from a very early age.  That age is 8-14 weeks.

We at Paws and Effect Dog Training take this very seriously and offer a special class just for these young pups, in a safe, under cover, disinfected concrete area.  Play is vital for all puppies so they can build confidence and develop social skills for the future.

Your pup will learn:

Bite Inhibition – soft mouth
Play in involving running, jumping, biting and sniffing
Play boosts the confidence of shy dogs
What is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, discover how their bodies work, and learn ways to interact with other animals
To develop dog to dog communication skills and the cause and effect of play
Beginning of sit, drop and walk with you

You, the carer will learn:

How to read dog body language
What is appropriate and inappropriate play
How to calm your pup down when it gets over aroused
How to play with your pup


Your puppy will learn to develop dog to dog communication skills through a structured play class in a safe and hygienic environment.  Elaine and Kim will teach you what appropriate puppy play is to help boost your puppies confidence.  The beginning of leash walking, sit and drop behaviours will also be taught.

Where:  BRACS Medland Pavillion next to Sport Fields

Cost:  $160.00 for 4 week course incl. treat bag